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Them - Again (Van Morrison)

Them - Again (Van Morrison)

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard this record. I was at The Annex on High Street and The Captain was playing it... I was like what the Hell is this? So good and soulful? He told me it was Van Morrison’s band before he went solo. Holy Shit... this record is pure perfection. -Brett’s pick!

New, sealed

Track Listing

Side: 1

  1. Could You Would You
  2. Something You Got
  3. Call My Name
  4. Turn on Your Love Light
  5. I Put a Spell on You
  6. I Can Only Give You Everything
  7. My Lonely Sad Eyes
  8. I Got a Woman

Side: 2

  1. Out of Sight
  2. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  3. Bad or Good
  4. How Long Baby
  5. Hello Josephine
  6. Don't You Know
  7. Hey Girl
  8. Bring 'Em on In