Wreckless Eric - Sunday October 3rd, 7pm

Wreckless Eric - Sunday October 3rd, 7pm

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As Wreckless Eric he needs little introduction — he wrote and recorded the classic Whole Wide World and had a hit with it back in 1977. Since then it's been a hit for countless other artists including The Monkees, Cage The Elephant and most recently for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. 

 As Eric Goulden it's a little more complicated - a musician, artist, writer, recording engineer and producer, he didn’t like either the music business or the mechanics of fame or the name he’d been given to hide behind, so he crawled out of the spotlight and went underground. He went on to release twenty something albums in forty something years under various names - The Len Bright Combo, Le Beat Group Electrique, The Donovan Of Trash, The Hitsville House Band, and with his wife as one half of Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, finally realizing he was stuck with the name Wreckless Eric.

Eric’s three most recent albums ‘amERICa’, Construction Time & Demolition and Transience are widely praised as his best work to date. His albums encapsulate pop, bubblegum, garage trash and psychedelia. His live performance is a sonic journey through time and space incorporating songs from all stages of his long career. Unmasked, unhinged and still alive - a survivor of Covid-19 (resulting in a near-fatal heart attack), Eric presents himself alone if not simply with electric and acoustic guitars, electrified harmonica, piano and electronics of his own making.

The achievement for Wreckless Eric is to have made new music that connects to old music without maudlin nostalgia or huffy defensiveness, refusing to let age dim the passion for the music that means the most to him. In other words, he rocks.

Ken Tucker



burns like a lost Crazy Horse classic. 

Ben Graham

a scarily powerful and forward-moving musical threat.

David Quantick 



One of the highlights of our 11 years in the vinyl biz is when Wreckless Eric played our store back in 2014. Local Ken Eppstein and forty people packed our tiny space on Long Street and were treated to an evening with a riveting storyteller and powerful solo performer. Due to the lack of A/C, we also were entertained by a spray of expletives not usually heard in the Midwest. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. You won't want to miss this.

We'll be capping at FIFTY attendees. There will probably be no day-of tickets available, so please get your tickets here or purchase them in-store for $15 CASH. Physical tickets will be mailed in September. Street parking is plentiful around our store and meters are FREE on Sundays. If you have any questions about this event, please call us at 614-586-1918.

--Amy at Spoonful Records