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The Stone Roses - Self Titled

The Stone Roses - Self Titled

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The Stone Roses is the debut studio album by English rock band the Stone Roses. It was recorded mostly at Battery Studios in London with producer John Leckie from June 1988 to February 1989 and released in May of that year by Silvertone Records. New, sealed. Brett’s Pick!

The Stone Roses was not an immediate success, but grew popular with the band's high-profile concert performances, which also helped establish them as fixtures of the Madchester and baggy cultural scenes. The record's critical standing also improved significantly in later years, as many critics voted it highly in polls of the greatest albums. It was voted number 11 in the third edition of Colin Larkin's All Time Top 1000 Albums(2000). It has sold over four million copies worldwide.

1. "I Wanna Be Adored" 4:52
2. "She Bangs the Drums" 3:42
3. "Waterfall" 4:37
4. "Don't Stop" 5:17
5. "Bye Bye Badman" 4:04
6. "Elizabeth My Dear" 0:53
7. "(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister" 3:25
8. "Made of Stone" 4:10
9. "Shoot You Down" 4:10
10. "This Is the One" 4:58
11. "I Am the Resurrection" 8:12